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The Best Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the USA. The main reason women choose to have a breast augmentation is to feel better about their appearance. Some are thinking of their appearance when undressed while others are thinking of how they look in clothes, often it is a combination of both. The best breast augmentation is one that will get a woman as close to perfect breasts as she sees it. The best breast augmentation can come in a variety of different looks because it reflects very personal tastes. Regardless of the look, each woman should feel as though SHE has the "Best Breast Augmentation". The appearance after a breast augmentation can be very natural and inconspicuous or it can look augmented (round and full); most women opt for the former. Breast implants come in a variety of styles and shapes that can produce very different looks, however, the most important criteria of the perfect implant is that it is proportional to a woman's body.

Natural appearing breast implants can be large or modest depending upon a woman's preference. Dr. Shuster's philosophy is that it's all about proportions. Selecting a breast implant that is proportional to a woman's breasts and torso will consistently lead to the best breast augmentation results. It is this respect for anatomy and proportion that many of the top plastic surgeons for breast augmentations look for when making recommendations regarding implant size. When selecting the best breast implants for a woman, there may be more than one perfect implant, which Dr. Shuster will propose. Rather, there will be several which will lead to beautiful breast augmentation results. The most common names for the different implant styles are Moderate Profile, Moderate Plus and High Profile. For women who prefer a more natural look, a Moderate Profile implant would lead to the best breast augmentation result. Some women prefer a fuller look with more cleavage and for them a High Profile implant will be the best breast implant choice. For women whose preference is in between, the best results will be achieved with Moderate-plus Profile breast implants. Top plastic surgeons for breast augmentation know how to help a woman select an implant that is most appropriate for her. During consultations, Dr. Shuster shows his patients which breast implants will best suit their preference.

The best breast augmentation results are very inconspicuous. Besides implant selection, the surgical approach is very important. The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to create beautiful breasts and should avoid visible scarring on the breasts. What sense does it make to put scars around the nipple or under the breasts? Aside from detracting from the beauty of the results, such scars are also obvious signs that a breast augmentation was done. A more reasonable approach is to place the incision in a less conspicuous location, for example within a natural crease in the armpit. The transaxillary approach to breast augmentation avoids any visible scar on the breast because the incision is concealed within a natural line in the armpit. This is one of the many reasons Dr. Shuster prefers this method for primary breast augmentations.

While some women have a preference for modest breast implants, others will prefer a larger size. Accordingly, women's views of the best breast augmentation will vary. There are however common features of the best breast augmentations. The most beautiful results are achieved when there is harmony between the proportions of the breast implants and a women's anatomy. Selection of implants that, as close as possible, meet a patient's expectations will provide the best breast augmentation results for that patient. Thirdly, "scarless" breast augmentations where there are no visible signs that surgery was performed contribute to the best breast augmentation results.

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