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Breast Lift

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A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the breasts by elevating and reshaping them. Of all the procedures in plastic surgery, a breast lift is one of the most rewarding. It is not unusual to hear a woman note after her surgery that she wished she had done it years before.

Mastopexy helps improve the shape and position of breasts that have ptosis, or are sagging. This may be the result of pregnancy, aging, weight loss, or heredity. Patients with such concerns range in age from 20 years old and higher. Dr. Shuster specializes in short-scar, Minimally Invasive Techniques. Dr. Shuster performs the mastopexy procedure by combining techniques from Brazil and Europe to create fuller more youthful breasts.

For many women, he accomplishes this using their own breast tissue. During a breast lift, the skin of the breast is redraped over the breast tissue. The breast itself and the nipple are not removed. Rather, Dr. Shuster creates an internal support for the breasts with their own tissue. In doing so, he creates a natural brassiere which reshapes the breasts and helps maintain them in a more youthful position.

In addition to sagging, some patients have little breast volume. In these cases, a breast lift with implants may be advantageous. Dr. Shuster will perform both the breast augmentation and the breast lift in the most minimally invasive manner. During your consultation, Dr. Shuster will discuss this procedure with you in detail.

Dr. Shuster places an emphasis on achieving natural, more youthful results for his patients who choose to have a breast lift. At the same time, his philosophy is to accomplish this in the most minimally invasive manner.

Breast Lift Procedures

A breast lift can be performed in the hospital or at the outpatient surgery center. Most are performed on an outpatient basis. The surgery is done under anesthesia and takes approximately two and a half hours. There are two approaches which Dr. Shuster utilizes most often. Both techniques result in significantly shorter scars than the older traditional techniques.