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Breast Lift Surgery FAQs

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift (mastopexy) removes, adjusts, and tightens breast tissue and the surrounding skin to create shapelier, beautiful breasts.

Is there a single breast lift procedure?

No. Dr. Shuster takes an individualized approach to any plastic surgery procedure, and accomplishes a successful mastopexy in two ways.

1) Concentric Breast Lift: This includes creating an internal support system with your existing tissue. By making a small incision around the areola, the nipple and breast are repositioned to create a youthful look. This minimally invasive approach is not only Dr. Shuster's specialty but it leaves little signs of surgery.

2) Vertical Breast Lift: This involves two separate incisions, which allows for a more thorough breast remodeling. Commonly referred to as a 'lollipop incision,' this technique also results in fewer signs of surgery than more traditional techniques.

What are the benefits of a breast lift?

After the healing process, your breasts will settle, creating a natural appearance. Your breasts will sit higher, while noticeable sagging will be diminished. If you also had breast augmentation, your breasts will be larger.

How soon after a breast lift can I go back to work?

As with any surgery, heavy lifting or straining should be avoided after your breast procedure. Normally, Dr. Shuster's patients may return to work after a week of rest. Being fully active is realistic within a month.

Will I lose nipple sensation?

Nipple sensation could be temporarily reduced, but it is not typical. If there is a reduction in nipple sensation it usually returns over the course of several months.