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BotoxBotox is the most effective treatment for the fine facial lines that are a sign of aging.  Starting in our early thirties, facial lines, or wrinkles start to form.  Some of these are called 'Dynamic Lines'.  These are lines which are exacerbated by certain facial expressions.  Examples include: the lines between the eyebrows which deepen when we frown; the lines across our forehead, which are more noticeable when we raise our eyebrows; and the lines around the outside of our eyes (Crow's Feet), which are more evident when we smile or squint.  Developing these lines is a natural part of the aging process.  Some people form these earlier than others.  For some people these lines are not evident when they are relaxed, while for others they are evident when relaxed and still more prominent during certain expressions.  These dynamic signs of facial aging can be reduced or eliminated with Botox treatments while maintaining a natural and more youthful appearance.

Botox treatments are an office procedure, which are our most effective means of reducing dynamic facial lines.  Botox is a purified medication which is extremely safe and effective.  In a very precise manner it temporarily weakens the underlying muscles.  It is administered by giving several small injections with a very fine needle into the areas of concern.  Patients usually compare it to the feel of a Mosquito bite.  The treatment only takes a few minutes.

Following Botox treatments, patients can immediately return to their normal activities.  In some cases there may be a red spot or bruise which can easily be covered with make up.  The benefits of this treatment can usually be appreciated within one to four days and lasts for up to six months.  Botox has proven to be extremely effective as a means of reducing signs of facial aging without any down time.  Botox has become the most common cosmetic procedure.  Last year over one million treatments were performed.

Dr. Shuster is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeons specializing in aesthetic procedures.  He has performed thousands of Botox injections.  If you would like to schedule an appointment for Botox treatments or a consultation to discuss them, please call our office.

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