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brow lift

Brow Lift

Browlift Photo GalleryThe area of the forehead and brow often descend before the rest of the face. This can create a tired or heavy appearance to the eyes, with what seems like an excess of tissue in the upper eyelids. An endoscopic brow lift can alleviate this by raising the brow through two or three small incisions behind the hairline. Some describe this as an upper face lift, but the recovery can be as short as a few days.

In the past, a brow lift was traditionally performed by making an incision from ear to ear across the top of the head. The endoscopic technique does away with this extensive approach and the problems that would go along with it. A specialty of Dr. Shuster's, the endoscopic brow lift takes less than one hour and can be performed in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as a face lift or eyelid surgery, or it may be done by itself. When performed by itself, patients can usually return to work in 4 days.

The main benefit of an endoscopic brow lift is the restoration of a youthful, rested appearance by raising the brows and opening the eyes.