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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement Photo GalleryOur lips are the most sensual part of our face.  It is therefore not surprising that fuller, more defined lips are frequently requested by our patients.  It may be that a patient just wants to improve her lips.  Alternatively it may be to correct changes that have occurred over time as a result of age or smoking.  Whatever the reason, the results today are better than they ever have been in the past.  A variety of new procedures and materials are available.  Dr. Shuster will often use the patient's very own tissue to achieve results which are very long lasting and may be permanent.

Lip enhancement procedures have three primary goals.  The first goal is to add volume to lips that are thin.  The second goal is to create better definition to the borders of the lips.  Lips with very well defined borders are both more youthful in appearance and more sensual.  The third goal is to correct the vertical lines that can develop with time.  These may be a cosmetic concern or bothersome when lip stick runs up them.

Dr Shuster uses a variety of methods to enhance lips.  These include the use of fillers such as Juvederm.  These work very well for adding both volume and definition to the lips.  The procedure only takes a short visit and while there is some swelling, there is no down time.  The results can last 6 months or longer.  Another method is to use a patient's own tissue to add volume or improve definition of the lips or to accomplish both.  This tissue is usually either fat or fascia.  Both are readily available and can be acquired in a very inconspicuous manner so as not to leave a visible mark.  A rather important consideration.  Yet a third choice is a very nice procedure, the 'Lip Roll'.  This is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made on the inside of the lip and the lip is 'rolled' out and secured in a fuller, more voluptuous position.  The results are permanent.

The variety of lip enhancement procedures Dr. Shuster performs helps assure patients they can receive the procedure which is best suited for them and help them achieve the looks they desire.

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