Fort Lauderdale and Miami Area Plastic Surgeon

Traveling Patients

Dr. Shuster is a distinguished plastic surgeon who practices in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. For patients that are traveling from outside of the United States, Dr. Shuster will make every effort to help accommodate you and make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

If you are considering plastic surgery, we recommend that contact us about the types of procedures you are interested in as well as the dates that you would like them performed. You can email our office at or complete our online consultation form. This form will allow you to describe in detail the type of surgery you are interested in, as well as your goals.

After your request has been reviewed, Dr. Shuster will personally call you to discuss your situation and the plastic surgery procedures that interest you.

Arranging your Plastic Surgery Procedures in the U.S.A.

Following your consultation with Dr. Shuster, you will receive detailed instructions for both preoperative and postoperative procedures. In addition, our office can help you make arrangements while you are in Florida.

Before you arrive for your cosmetic surgical procedures, our staff will contact you to discuss your instructions as well as your local arrangements. Options for your recovery after your surgery will be discussed, including the option for private nurses.

If you are traveling to America to have a plastic surgery procedure done with Dr. Shuster, he prefers that you arrive at least two days before surgery. This will give you time to meet Dr. Shuster personally and make all your final arrangements with his staff. He also asks that you be prepared to stay in South Florida while you recover. Although recovery time will vary, most patients will be able to travel one week after surgery.