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Lower Body Lift Consultation

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What to Expect

A Lower Body Lift provides patients with a dramatic transformation of their abdomen, thighs, flanks, and buttocks. Due to the significant changes possible, your consultation with Dr. Shuster will be a very detailed, thorough, and interactive appointment. It will be done with Dr. Shuster personally.

While many patients have a history of weight loss, not all are weight loss patients. Some patients will benefit from the procedure simply due to its rejuvenating improvements to the lower body.

Discussion Points

Dr. Shuster will begin the consultation by asking you about the following:

Lower Body Lift Assessment

Following a review of your medical history, Dr. Shuster will perform a physical exam and focus specifically on the areas you would like to address. At this time, areas of skin laxity of the abdomen, thighs, and flanks will be analyzed. The integrity of the abdominal muscles will also be assessed as these are routinely tightened during the procedure.

Upon the completion of the analysis, Dr. Shuster will review his recommendations with you in a full length mirror so you can get a very real sense of just how dramatic the results can be. You will also be shown all the benefits the surgery can attain as well as the limitations of the procedure and where the incisions will be concealed.

Before and after photos of many patients for whom Dr. Shuster has performed the Lower Body Lift surgery will be available for review in order to learn what this dramatic transformation can accomplish. The large portfolio also helps you in achieving realistic expectations for yourself and the procedure as well as distinguishing one practice from another.

Additional topics covered by Dr. Shuster during a typical Lower Body Lift consultation include:

Request a Consultation

You are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to ask Dr. Shuster any questions you may have. Following the consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Shuster's Patient Coordinator who will provide you with further details of the scheduling process and pre-operative requirements, a detailed quote of the costs involved, and help you to select a date for the surgery, if appropriate. Consultations are available online as well as at Dr. Shuster's South Florida office.