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Mini and Mid Face Lift Surgery

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Dr. Shuster offers several options for face lift surgery. When you meet Dr. Shuster for a face lift consultation, he will help you determine which procedure will give you the best results. For those who are just starting to see fine lines, wrinkles, Dr. Shuster may recommend one of two less invasive face lift surgeries: the mini face lift or the mid face lift.

Mini Face Lift

A mini lift, or S-lift, is an ideal procedure for people just starting to notice the effects of aging in their face. Dr. Shuster offers this less invasive procedure for patients with sagging skin along the lower face and jaw line, deepening facial lines, and laxity in the neck area.

Due to innovative surgical procedures, you can expect a shorter recovery time than a traditional face lift. A mini face lift involves an inconspicuous incision within the ear and the hair just above it. If necessary, another small incision is placed under the chin. Dr. Shuster is then able to elevate the facial tissues and tighten the neck, supporting the tissues with the underlying musculature. The mini lift achieves a natural appearance for those who want to do something about their areas of concern before they become too noticeable.

Mid Face Lift

A mid face lift is a focused alternative to traditional face lift procedures. The mid face lift targets the triangular area between the eyes down to the corners of the mouth, an important area involving the muscles that convey emotion.

Focusing in on one area, a mid face lift allows patients to correct a specific problem area in this region without making alterations to the entire face. The mid face lift is especially good for alleviating saggy cheeks and can pull up the corners of the mouth.

These plastic surgery procedures can be combined with others, such as eyelid surgery or a brow lift. Both the mini lift and the mid face lift remove excess skin, reposition soft tissues in the face, and tighten underlying lax muscles. For more information concerning these less invasive procedures, request a consultation or call 954.961.5500.