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Plastic Surgery - Florida

As we age, the experiences of our daily lives can have an effect on our outward appearance. In addition to the aging process that we all go through, sometimes the body image we put forth is not actually representative of how young we feel inside. Plastic surgery is a safe and viable option for those who wish to find a better balance in how they feel and how they look.

If you are considering plastic surgery and live in South Florida, you have one of the nation's most well-respected plastic surgeons right in your backyard. With his extensive credentials and years of experience, Dr. Bernard A. Shuster strives to consistently create natural results and is dedicated to the care and well being of each patient, which is why he places a great emphasis on consultation.

To arrange for a personal consultation with Dr. Shuster to discuss a variety of plastic surgery procedures, please contact our South Florida office by email, or by phone at 954.961.5500. If you do not live in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, a virtual consultation can be arranged with Dr. Shuster by filling out our online consultation form.

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Most candidates turn to plastic surgery because of the targeted results it can achieve. Procedures like a breast enlargement or tummy tuck can be focused on one particular part of the body that, in some cases, may not be responding well to other efforts such as diet or exercise. And sometimes, candidates have appearances handed down in their genetic makeup that just can't be changed without plastic surgery.

Additionally, some procedures can be (and are often) done in conjunction with other procedures. Examples might include: a breast augmentation and breast lift, a liposuction and abdominoplasty, an eyelid surgery and face lift. Whatever your reasons for considering plastic surgery, Dr. Shuster is well-respected for his outstanding work in performing a number of different plastic surgery procedures from his South Florida facilities, including:

To learn more about any of the procedures outlined above, as well as to become more familiar with Dr. Shuster's experience and credentials, please visit our procedures page to discover your options for plastic surgery in Florida.

Your Plastic Surgery Professional in Florida

If you are considering plastic surgery, a consultation with Dr. Shuster is important to determine the most effective plan for you. From deciding which procedure and technique is most applicable to you, to mapping a recovery and follow up schedule, Dr. Shuster is committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with your entire plastic surgery experience. With our office in Hollywood, Florida, we are conveniently located for patients seeking Miami or Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Shuster to discuss your interests and concerns regarding plastic surgery, please request a consultation.