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Complimentary Consultation

I am a 42 year old women who has been heavy my whole life. I assumed that I would forever live in the body that I had distorted. I was lucky enough to have my first RNY and was successful in losing about 120lbs. I then wondered if I would ever begin to feel normal. All the damage I had caused my body was a constant reminder of the former me. I was so fortunate to find Dr. Shuster and his staff. I had brachioplasty and upper thigh liposuction about 8 weeks ago and am thrilled with the results. The whole staff have always been there to listen to me and guide me through the whole procedure,even when I doubted my self. I highly recommend Dr. Shuster, he is a kind, considerate and highly skilled individual. I can only hope that the procedures that I received are just the beginning of my total transformation. Thank you all.

-Shelly N.

Six weeks ago, I underwent a lower body lift with buttock augmentation and am absolutely thrilled with the results! Dr. Shuster is not only a superbly skilled surgeon, but is in fact a gifted artist. I live outside the US and knew that I would be travelling for my plastic surgery. Having access to professionals in the US, UK and Latin America, the choices are varied and I conducted extensive research before settling on a short list of plastic surgeons. In no time at all, it became clear to me that Dr. Shuster was THE only plastic surgeon for me. Unlike many doctors who do not have experience with bariatric patients, Dr. Shuster is well-versed with the physical and mental hurdles that we have to endure. His demeanor is indescribable. I can only say that you will feel his sincere concern for your well-being. From my initial telephone consultation with Dr. Shuster, to my initial visit, I was completely struck by the fact that Dr. Shuster’s primary concern is the very best result for his patients. Beverly, Lisa, Deann and Kathy were always available to answer questions and assist however necessary. On more than one occasion, I emailed or telephoned with small questions that may have been insignificant but they were always pleasant and helpful. That went a long way toward making me comfortable – before and after my procedure. In summary, the best review information that I can really share is that I will be undergoing additional procedures and I will go straight to Dr. Shuster and his team!

-Stephanie E.

Dr. Shuster and his staff are very caring and personable. Dr S quickly put me at ease during my post op visits and answered all my questions thoroughly and post op has been extremely conscience about my recovery. My "new" lower body looks great and I would most certainly go to him for any other cosmetic surgery.


I found Dr. Shuster to be extremely polite, caring, and most importantly to me was his concerns during and after surgery. It's hard to find doctors that actually care about their patients now a days as Dr. Shuster has shown. I have nothing but wonderful things to say since I received excellent care from him and his staff. I am 32 yrs old had RNY in 2005, and have had 3 kids. I had breast implants & a lift on Nov 6, 2008. Also on Dec 22, 2008 Dr. Shuster performed the lower body lift along with another procedure which I am not too familiar with the medical terminology but he did wonders to my buttocks (thanks Doc..love my new behind)...during my stay at the hospital the care was amazing. Dr. Shuster's wife even sent me "home made chicken soup"...When do you ever see that, now a days?...Never...My husband and I are so grateful to his care and attention. I am thinking of a future procedure to my inner thigh and I wouldn't think about it twice with him...no questions asked. He is my surgeon of choice. I highly recommend him to all my friends when they ask me about my surgeon. I did my research on the web, visited a few surgeons before I made my decision. He was the last surgeon I met with and once I met with him I had no doubts he was my doctor. (Save the best for last as they say). I scheduled my surgeries the very first day I met him, both my surgeries. He has a wonderful staff as well always very polite, and helpful, what more can you ask for from a Plastic Surgeon...


LOWER BODY LIFT ON OCTOBER 7, 2008 I am 29 years old and had lap band surgery in June of 2006. Since then I have lost over 130 lbs. As a young single woman, I was ecstatic with my weight loss but very self conscious of my excess skin. I started considering plastic surgery when I was approximately 30 lbs from my goal weight. Initially, I researched plastic surgeons in my area that were experienced with bariatic patients and came across Dr. Shuster’s name. I then consulted my bariatic surgeon’s office, US Bariatic (Dr. Marema), and was told that they only recommend one plastic surgeon – Dr. Shuster. After reading all of his excellent reviews on Obesity Help AND getting a referral from my bariatric surgeon, I was ready to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shuster. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous for my consultation; however, Dr. Shuster alleviated all my fears. He was honest and professional in his opinions and took his time to answer all my questions. I liked Dr. Shuster immediately but felt that I would not have been thorough in my research if I did not consult with at least one other surgeon. Within the first 15 minutes of my consultation with the other surgeon there was no doubt in my mind that Dr. Shuster was the way to go! Unlike the other surgeon, I did not feel that Dr. Shuster was “telling me what I wanted to hear.” I felt (and still do feel) that Dr. Shuster considers his work to be an art form and will not compromise his work for an easy sale. I scheduled my lower body lift for October 7, 2008 at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. The surgery went well with no complications. I woke up to very little pain and a whole new body! During my two day stay at Mt. Sinai, I received wonderful care from smiling faces. The staff was more than accommodating. I would recommend the Mt. Sinai 8th floor to anybody! As I sit here, a week out of surgery, I am ecstatic with the results and care that I have received from Dr. Shuster and his wonderful staff. I have such little pain and discomfort that if the weren’t for my fabulous new body, I wouldn’t believe I just had major surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Shuster!

-Susan N.

Picking a Surgeon -- I was first made aware of Dr. Shuster's practice during a seminar following my gastric bypass surgery a little over four years ago. At the time, I did not think I would be wanting to have surgery...until a 108 lb. loss made me more uncomforable with my naked body than I had been before losing the weight. The photos and information he handed out stayed with me, and when I decided it was time to find a plactic surgeon, he was the first I contacted. I am a thorough person, and I interviewed two other surgeons in addition to seeing the results of a third. I found I kept comparing my first impression with Dr. Shuster and his office with all the others. In the end, Dr. Shuster's credientials, experience (especially with gastric bypass patients), and the sincerety I felt during my consult with him made me choose him hands down. The Consultation -- During the consultation, Dr. Shuster examined me and suggested that a tummy tuck and a breast lift was what I needed for the results I was looking for. I trusted him. I feel that the other surgeons I saw would just go down the list of what they could do and not consider what I was actually asking for. He answered my questions and I didn't feel like he was telling me "what I wanted to hear". I left the examing room with much less anxiety than when I had gotten there. Paryse and the rest of Dr. Shuster's staff are super. I felt so comfortable during each of my visits. The Surgery -- As my surgery date approached, Dr. Shuster's office was in constant contact with me. They made sure I had everything I needed and that everything was in order for a smooth procedure. At the surgery center, I met with Ted, the anesthesiologist. Another wonderful personality that put any anxieties I was having to rest. Dr. Shuster took his time making the reference marks for the surgery and again I felt completely comfortable. The Recovery -- For those of you who have had children and given birth via c-section, that is pretty much what I am feeling like. My abdomen is tight and sore as if I'm recovering from a c-section, and my breasts are perky and hard like when they were engorged with breastmilk. That is the best comparison I can make to prepare anyone for how it will feel following the surgery. If you are thinking about having surgery, do it, and have it done with Dr. Shuster. It will be the best thing you can do for yourself!

-~ Janel ~

I had my brachioplasty and lower body lift with Dr. Shuster just 6 six days ago. I couldn't be happier. I have to pinch myself (although there is alot less to pinch now!) to make sure its real. I had gastric bypass surgery 2/07. It never crossed my mind that I need to have surgery to remove the loose skin until about the last 30-40 pounds when all that loose skin went south. I started to not want to look at myself "again" unless I had clothes on. I looked terrific in clothes but living in S. Florida I like to spend alot of time outdoors and at the beach. I had become embarrassed and was hiding my body again because it looked pretty bad. Do any of you know what a Shar Pei dog looks like? Thats what my tummy, thighs, and fanny were like. I knew that I didn't want to go through the rest of my life hiding again. I did a huge amount of research about the surgery before I decided it was right for me. My gastric bypass surgeon, Dr. Perez referred me to Dr. Shuster. I knew from the first phone call to his office that this was going to be a very positive experience. His office staff is extremely friendly and professional. This is so important when you embark on unknown territory that can be scary. When I met Dr. Shuster any doubts or fears I had melted away. He takes a great deal of time to explain the procedure with personal attention to your specific issues. He shares in your enthusiasium with also help to easy the anxiety. My surgery was done at Mount Sinai. The treatment couldn't have been better from the nurses, anesthesiologists, the staff that brings your meals. Everyone asked how you felt and could they get you anything. The entire process went smooth as silk, my thanks to Paryse, who walked me through the entire process and was always available when I had questions. The discomfort from the surgery is minimal and well managed with pain medication. I couldn't wait until Dr. Shuster removed the bandages and I got to see the results. I am elated! My arms are small, tight, & sculpted; my tummy is flat and hard as a rock; and my thighs and fanny look better that when I was in my twenties! I won't be hiding any more!!! Anyone out there who is considering having this surgery, consider no more, and go for it. Its the perfect ending to a perfect story. I wouldn't think of having any other doctor do these procedures as he is so highly qualified. The fact that he has such a wonderful bedside manner is just the icing on the cake. I have to say, I thought I was done, but now that I see what wonderful results can be achieved, I plan to go back for perky breasts and a little face/neck pick up. My sincerest heartfelt thanks to Dr. Shuster, Paryse, and staff. Outstanding care.

-Jayne A.

Willing to take as much time as is necessary at each and every visit. Listened to my individual needs and desires and took into account my personal situation. Truly individualized care.

-Venessa F.

Dr. Shuster and his staff have been truly amazing. Every individual on his team is personable, caring, understanding, and patient. Dr. Shuster has always been willing to take as much time as is necessary at each and every visit. He listened to my individual needs and desires and took into account my personal situation. I've always been conservative and shy and Dr. Shuster and his staff helped ease the natural discomfort associated with standing in your birthday suit! As someone who weighed 275 pounds, I've always dreamed of walking into a room and having heads turn in my direction, but not because of my obesity. After having lost over 150 pounds and MANY dress sizes, we are currently in the process of tightening up those problem areas. Not "I" but "we". Dr. Shuster and his staff become part of your family. They are friends who understand and support you during every step of your transformation. It truly is a transformation, by the way. I now have the sexy, tight arms of a 17 year old Victoria's Secret Model! For the first time in my life, I can wear tank tops and feel beautiful. I am self-confident, and for those of you who have been in my shoes, you know just how amazing it is to feel confident in yourself. My best advice for you...Listen to Dr. Shuster. He knows what he is talking about!! He will not point you in the wrong direction. So, if he says you need to go a size bigger, you need to go a size bigger!! Thanks Dr. Shuster, Paryse, Tammy and Beverly! You will forever be an integral part of the fabric of my life.

-Venessa F.

I'm 37 years old and lost 120lbs on my own when I was 18. I have lived with the excess skin for all these years and decided it was time to do something about it. I did the research like everyone else, went on many consultations even as far as Naples, but just didn't feel comfortable with any of them. That's when my mother remembered seeing a Dr. Shuster when she was younger and had a very pleasant appointment with him. Even though it was his father and no longer practicing she suggested I go see the son. Dr. Bernard Shuster was a wonderful surprise, not only did he make me feel comfortable but his attitude toward my whole body lift was so positive and exciting that the recovery seemed so little of a price to pay for what my outcome would be. So, I decided to schedule the surgery with Dr. Shuster for May 29,2007. It was really a pleasant experience from the office staff to the hospital staff and of course the surgeon. The recovery amazed me, I had no pain during or after, never took any pain medication and because I followed Dr. Shusters post surgical instructions, had no complications. I was so happy with my results that I scheduled my arm lift for July 26, 2007. I had wanted to do the thigh lift but Dr. Shuster said no, he wanted me to fully recover from the upper and lower body lift before he would even consider doing the thighs. He only thinks of his patients well being and making sure we get the best outcome possible. So the arms were a breeze, again a quick recovery, no complications and extremely happy with the outcome. With soon being 5 months since my whole body lift, Dr. Shuster has given me the okay to schedule my thigh lift for November 7, 2007. I am looking forward to finally being able to wear skirts ,shorts and showing off my legs that have been covered for far too long. I am thankful everyday for finding such an amazing surgeon and such a caring and wonderful staff (Tami, Paryse & Beverly). I highly recommend Dr. Bernard Shuster!

-Gina R.

On August 2, 2007, I had an arm lift and a breast lift with Dr. Shuster. The results are spectacular! First, let me begin by saying that as an attorney who researches all day, I can say that I definitely researched Dr. Shuster and my procedures thoroughly. Dr. Shuster's impeccable educational credentials and experience working with post-bariatric patients were huge selling points. I even spoke to many of his past patients, who personally told me about their experiences and shared with me their results. I felt very lucky to have Dr. Shuster in my neighborhood, considering many of those I spoke to traveled long distances to have him do their surgery. Although at times, I am sure it felt like an interrogation, Dr. Shuster always answered every one of my many many many questions with professionalism, confidence, ease and complete assurance. I had multiple visits to his office prior to my surgery and after each visit I always came away feeling informed, comfortable, confident and happy in my decision to use him as my surgeon. Dr. Shuster has an unbelievably warm and friendly disposition and he will sit with you and answer every last question whether it takes him 15 minutes or 45 minutes to do so. I never felt rushed or that I was not a top priority as a patient in his office. I must mention his wonderful staff, Paryse, Tami and Beverly. They are such an asset to Dr. Shuster's practice. These ladies are warm, caring and always available to answer questions. For those who choose to have their surgery at Memorial Same Day Surgery center, I have never had better medical care from a facility, including hospitals. Top Notch! The surgery went flawlessly. I must also mention that when I was home healing from the surgery, I got a special delivery of a glass vase filled with the most beautiful purple flowers from Dr. Shuster's office, with a card wishing me a speedy recovery. That just overwhelmed me. It was such an unexpected gesture. Plus the calls that he made to me on his own to check up on my condition. The aftercare has been great, with continuous visits to check my progress. I only wish that every medical provider could be as wonderful and caring as Dr. Shuster and his team. I wish he could be my doctor for everything! Thank you Dr. Shuster, Paryse, Tami and Beverly for everything! I cannot say enough about these truly special and talented people.

-Robyn L.

My name is Veronique also known as Veronica. I am a bariatric patient who had gastric bypass in February 2006 at USBariatric, the office of Dr. Marema and Dr. Perez. 4 months after my bypass surgery, I joined the practice as a patient coordinator and I am dedicating my life today to helping people regain a new lease on life. I lost 115 pounds and of course after 30 years of yoyo dieting, gaining and losing huge amounts of weight, I found myself trapped in a body of skin. So yes, I went from a size 24 to a size 4, and yes I look good dressed up. But every time I undressed I was looking at all that skin hanging. The skin does lose elasticity. Back in 1992, I was butchered by a plastic surgeon in the Caribbean, where I used to live, and nearly lost my life. In one surgery I had a tummy tuck, general liposuction from my knees to my chin, breast reduction and lift, an abdominoplasty and a thigh lift. I am lucky and grateful to be alive to tell my tale. I will always remember the words I uttered after that nightmarish episode. I do not care if the skin of my “tush” hang and sweep the floor behind me, I will never have plastic surgery again for as long as I live. Then I met Dr. Bernard Shuster. Dr. Bernard Shuster whowas referred to me by my surgeons Dr. Perez and Dr. Marema. I was told he had worked on many patients over the years in our practice, that he specialized in bariatric patients, and that he knew how to work with a lot of skin. When a person loses 200, 300 pounds, you better believe there will be skin hanging. I know, I lost 115 pounds and skin was hanging. So going to a regular plastic surgeon for a bariatric patient should not be an option. I know it was not an option for me. I wanted the top surgeon in the field. Needless to say I found him and I highly recommend his practice. Dr. Shuster credentials are incredible and his talent unbeatable. He is an angel with no wings, a perfectionist. He is extremely talented, caring, compassionate, dedicated, and an expert in his field. He has the most important ingredients to a successful recipe. I am also impressed by his staff, Paryse, Beverly and Tammy the most wonderful and kind ladies that you will ever encounter. They were helpful in answering questions and making my first surgery an enjoyable experience. The first time I met Dr. Shuster I was extremely nervous. I kept remembering June 1992. From time to time I would pinch myself wondering what the hell I was doing there in his office. He came into the room, we talked for a while and I told him about the previous plastic surgeries I had done in 1992. He asked me to undress. I became very shy because on top of that, I forgot to mention, he is real cute. He put me at ease and let me know that it’s no time to get shy now. There I was standing in all my glory naked in front of him and Paryse. By the time I was finished with him, I was looking at a complete lower body lift, breast lift, arm lift and Face lift. While he was talking and showing me what he was going to do in front of the mirror my heart was racing. When I left his office that day, I knew deep inside that I had found the perfect surgeon. I was going to take care of having all that skin removed. I was not going to be trapped in a body of skin. For 30 years I had been trapped in a body of fat. I was going to finish the second leg of my journey. On August 6, 2007, I was scheduled for my first surgery, the lower body lift, at Mount Sinai hospital. I will tell you it is a painful surgery, but almost 4 weeks later I can also tell you it is worth it. You will forget the pain, and the results are spectacular. He even gave me a “tush” which I did not have before. I was as flat as an iron board. As I am writing my first experience with Dr. Shuster, I am also planning my next surgery. I will have a facelift in November and then, I will have the arms and breast lift done in or around March 2008. I am looking forward to my next surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Shuster to all bariatric patients that are looking for a great surgeon and an expert in the field of plastic surgery. There is truly no need to go from surgeon to surgeon hoping to find the right one. HE IS THE ONE. Again, I want to take the time to thank Dr. Shuster and his staff for their care and dedication. I truly love the result and looking forward to the next surgeries.

-Veronique S.

3 weeks since my lower body lift, healing well. Upper body scheduled in 1.5 months. In 2003 I had gastric bypass, after fighting obesity my whole life. At the time of that surgery, I was weighing 304 pounds, 5'4 tall, age 35. I have been overweight beginning at around age 6, every year gaining a little more. It's been 4 years since by gastric bypass and I have lost over 150 pounds. Great accomplishment, I should be ecstatic and thrilled, except I now faced the demon and the reality of the skin that was left hanging all over my body. My tummy, thighs, rear end, breasts, arms, sides, face... every part of my body had ugly, hanging, sagging skin. I was so happy to have lost the weight, and I looked great in clothes size 10, but I couldn't continue to hide behind clothing. Every time I looked in the mirror, I wished I was 304 pounds again because at least the skin was filled with fat and wasn't hanging so I was obese, but I didn't look like a monster. After many tears, I decided that I had to take action and that if I had gone so far to lose the weight, then I had to accomplish the entire goal. I did an extensive amount of research about plastic surgeons in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach area. I had various appointments with reputable plastic surgeons in my area, none of which impressed me as I could tell right away from our meetings and their reaction that they were not the qualified type of surgeon I was looking for to understand my individual issues... Until I met my angel/doctor, Dr. Shuster. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Bernard Shuster. He is a third generation plastic surgeon with education, credentials and training that made me so proud of him, I literally got chills. Then I learned that for the past several years his speciality had become performing plastic surgery on weight loss patients. I had to meet this fine doctor and so I made my appointment. I loved his office, and his staff. They are the most professional, courteous and helpful bunch of professionals that you will ever meet. Paryse, Tammy and Beverly are all great. A major part of my decision to hire Dr. Shuster was based on how I viewed his staff's respect and admiration for him. When I finally met him, I was so impressed. Not only was he gentle, intelligent, compassionate and optimistic, but he was honest and had all the answers to my questions. A wonderful man with integrity, who understood my challenges, and made me feel important and assured me that he would do everything in his power to correct the damage that I had caused to my body, which was a lot. I knew I had found my plastic surgeon. It's been almost 3 weeks now since I had my lower body lift. I was so scared and excited too. I cried alot... not just because of what I had done to my body, but because of fear of the process - but I had total faith in Dr. Shuster. I will be honest, it is not a pleasant surgery, but it is not terrible, and the outcome is what keeps you motivated. There are scars but they heal and fade and then blend well with the stretch marks :o)~ I never really felt pain, just discomfort and numbness. In the hospital Dr. Shuster would visit me every morning... I was there for 2 nights and then was sent home. Dr. Shuster stills sees me regularly for follow ups and to check on my healing, etc. I have scheduled my 2nd procedure with Dr. Shuster for late September, that will be the arms, sides, breast lift with augmentation to correct the damage I have caused there - where had my breasts gone? they are saggy and terrible looking. I also have saggy arms and saggy sides... I am so incredibly excited to get the second surgery done and then look at myself in mirror and feel whole, normal and happy. Take it from me, I did the research, Dr. Shuster is the most incredibly qualified and talented plastic surgeon. He is a true professional and an artist that will leave you feeling human again...he will not steer you wrong. I will update after my second surgery... Good Luck, Cory

-Cory F.

Hello my name is Lewis. I had bariatric surgery at the age of 17. The day of my surgery was the day I turned 17. Before, the surgery, I weighed 394 lbs. I now weight like 194. A total of 200 lbs loss. After my surgery, i was happy for a little while because I did not have all that weight holding me down and my friends complimented me on how well I looked. Me friends and family all thought I looked great but deep inside nyself I was a very depressed individual. I;m a person who now liks to run and workout. Ever since my gastric bypass, thats all I did and I think that is the reason why I loss so much weight. Problems arose though when I would workout and I would have all this loose, jelly like skin hanging from my body. This included my arms, my thighs, my "breasts," and especially my stomach region. I looked great with my clothes on, but when I took them off I was ashamed of myself. I was quite lierally disgusted with myself because I felt like i was turning into Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four with all the stretchy skin. I was so unhappy because I felt that the gastric bypass was supposed to solve all of my problems. I felt it only made things worse. I had always wanted to take off my shirt in public at the pool or beach and not be ashamed, but I couldn't. Even after the weight loss, I was afraid to go out with girls because if we got intimate after dating, I would have to take off my clothes. I had such low self esteem and so I told my bariatric surgeon and he recommended me to Dr. Shuster. I have to admit that when I thought of having plastic surgery, I still wsn't too excited because I didnt want to be like all the other vain people who got implants that they didnt need and what not. But when I finally met Shuster, I was so comfortable. He makes you feel very important and he understands everything about loose skin and how that can make someone feel. No matter what kind of questions you have, he is willing to answer them. His staff is also the best of the best. My favorite is Paryse, but Beverly, Tammy, and all the other are still so awesome. Needless to say, I got the lower body lift. The doctor explains exactly what he is going to do to your body several times before your surgery just in case you have any questions. He even gives you a packet of how to take care of yourself before and after the surgery. I cannot express to you enough how comfortable I was with him. I was always afraid to take off my clothes in front of people, but I wasnt for him when he had to show what he was going to do to my body. I recommend this doctor to anyone who has read this comment and has felt the same low self esteem issues that I have felt and who wants help. I am 18 years old writing this now and I am scheduled for another surgery by Shuster to get rid of the rest of my excess skin. I have to tell you that I CANNOT WAIT!

-Lewis B.

Dr. Shuster is the most sensitive, caring, and gifted doctor I have ever encountered. During the pre-op consultations, the surgery and hospital visits, and the post-op check ups he always treated me as though I were the most important patient he had. At our initial meeting, he wanted to get to know me and what type of new figure I wanted. He prescribed a "refined" look and I was thrilled that he'd already read my mind! Paryse and Tammy and the rest of his staff were also so kind, caring and efficient that I never had to worry about or question any details. Now...what I had done! I lost 123 pounds in 14 months after a gastric by-pass. Saggy belly, no breasts, nipples pointing south, bat wings, flabby back and butt. I thought I might be able to get by without any re-contouring until Dr. Shuster explained how and what he could do and what the results would be. That and talking to a number of his very satisfied patients led me to decide to go ahead. NOTE: I found a less expensive doctor a friend had used for similar procedures. But as my husband said, this was too important to make a decision based on price. It's so true that you get what you pay for. Dr. Shuster is the best and is worth every cent -- and that's the kind of doctor you deserve. 6 weeks ago I had phase 1 -- lower body lift and a TCA face peel (as long as I was out cold, why not add the peel!). I can honestly say that I never had anything I would consider pain. There certainly was some discomfort, but very mild and nothing to complain about. And the results have been amazing. I don't think I ever had a flat stomach like this in my life? The belly button is adorable, my skin is taut front and back, and the compliments are endless. Recovery has been fast and the scar is healing and will be very small and minor. They also prescribe something that helps diminish the size and color of any scars. My face is even colored, the sun damage is gone, and my friends tell me I "glow." So now Phase 2 will be in 4 weeks -- breast lift and implants (there's just not much there to lift!), bat wing removal, and removal of excess skin along the body under my arms (so my back won't be flabby). As long as I'm in Dr. Shuster's exceptionally talented hands, I'm not worried about a thing. I'll tell you all about it in my next post! If you have any questions, contact me at bubblefan@aol.com.

-Cynthia G.

My weight loss journey like so many obese people, started with years of trying every diet known to man and failing every time... trying to loose 50 Lbs. Then in April 2000 I became widowed, depressing me so much that I gained 80 additional pounds. Making me morbidly obese! On the advice of a Doctor friend of mine I had lap-band surgery Nov. 2, 2002, without first researching the procedure. Unfortunately in my particular case (and all of us are different) it was unsuccessful causing me to go yet again into an even deeper depression. I felt I failed again!!!...even though I fallowed all the Doctor's orders. However this time I researched...and found a very capable therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Together we decided to put me in-patient for 2 months in one of the best facilities in the USA (1000 calories a day 4 hours of exercise each day except Sunday...I only lost 20 pounds) Very disappointing!!! All my various doctors (as I have other health problems) thought it wise to have the Roux-en Y gastric bypass surgery. This time after extensive research I chose Doctor Robert Marema to do my revision Feb. 9, 2005. My progress went slower than most patients...but I had to remember that my body was already used to less calories. After deligently exercising three times a week and fallowing my new way of eating I researched MY goal weight loosing 120 Lbs. in 18 months. Now it was time for the next step. Surgery to rid my body of skin and flesh that exercise can never remove. Again doing extensive homework I visited 4 Plastic Surgeons. All came highly recommended but after seeing their credentials...photos...etc...what really convinced me is that 2 specialized in bariatric patients and did at least one or two bariatric surgeries a week... I wanted my therapist to help me decided...but when I finished explaining my reason why I wanted Dr. Shuster...he just said, "It seems you already made up your mind." I am a shy person about my body and I felt very comfortable with him. HE RESPECTED MY FEELINGS!!! (Which so many doctors throught the years had not...you all know that feeling.) His staff was more than helpful to answer all my questions even some by phone because I forgot them when I was in his office. We then sat down and planed out my surgeries... was I surprised to see him as a guest speaker at the Bariatric Convention one week before my surgery. This just reinforced that I had made the best choice. I went into the surgery very relaxed and with a positive attitude. I spent 2 days in the hospital for my lower body lift which I hade Sept. 26, 2006. I spent one night in the hospital for my breast lift and inner thighs which was done the first week of Feb. this year... I am up and around and feel great!!! All the surgeries went better then I expected... and were not as painful as I expected. Doctor Shuster visited me every day in the hospital and his staff called the hospital and my home often to see how I was doing. I feel that I picked a doctor that is a stickler for details, extremely conscientious and VERY caring about his patients. The few times I needed him for questions after the surgeries...he always called me. That was very reassuring. When it is time for my face lift I will have Dr. Shuster do it. I highly recommend him and NO words can express how grateful I am to him and his caring staff to be a part of my journey and people who have helped me get my QUALITY of life back, when just a few years ago I often wondered if it was worth living. Now I can enjoy my 6 grandkids and we have fun at Disney, boating, swimming and snow skiing... All my friends have said they haven't seen me so happy and so young looking in years. Way to go OMA (grandma)!!!... THANK YOU DR. SHUSTER!!!

-Dorothy P.

Dr. Shuster and his staff ( Love Paryse and Tammy!!) were always professional, courteous, and respectful. I did a TON of research before deciding on a plastic surgeon as post-gastric bypass, we have a great many skin issues along with other health issues, and BY FAR Dr. Shuster was the most thorough and cared as much about my scarring and recovery as I did. I feel VERY blessed to have found him and couldn't be happier at 6 1/2 weeks post-op from a complete lower body lift, happier than I am now. THANKS for everything and for your patience with me!!!

-Bebe M.

Treated with utmost care and concern, especially your post-op care. Dr. Shuster has impeccable credentials. His focus, along with his kind staff is for your experience to be safe, and the outcome extraordinary!! I am deeply grateful to Dr. Shuster and plan further procedures soon. (recently had lower body lift)

-Barbara L.

Very well versed in the difference of Gastric and Non-Gastric Bypass skin needs!

-Maria P.

I am from Jacksonville Fl. I have met with as many as 8 Plastic Surgeons to correct the success of what happens when you have lost over 160lbs after having the Gastric Bypass 4 years ago! My search stopped with Dr. Shuster and his wonderful staff ... Dr. Shuster was very honest in setting his expections to match my expections! First we did Lipo to help remove the fat so as to have a better end result with our final procedure ... Lower Body Lift! The Lipo was a bit hard, but I followed everything Dr. S told me to do ... And instead of having to wait six months to have the second procedure, my body healed enough to schedule the Lower Body Lift Dec 12th 2006 just 4 month later! I was in very little actual pain, just discomfort from the drains and the position of where the new body meets! Dr.S and his staff have been so wonderful, as an out of town patient I feel so at home everytime I walk into the office, and I have to tell you, this is not just my feelings, I have been there enough to watch the interaction of other patients and the staff ... I am sure I speak for all that has every or will become a patient of Dr. Shuster. It has now been over 7 weeks, the scars are hardly even noticable ... I would do everything all over again! I tell all of you waiting to have your procedure, listen to what the staff and Dr. S tells you to do as far as your vitamins, iron and any other products they ask you to take ... It has helped! Also ... Do not get upset if Dr. S will not do a full makeover all at once as seen on TV, he really believes in letting the body heal prior to moving to the next procedure ... Trust him, I did and am so glad I did! I was a size 12 when I met Dr. Shuster ... Now wearing 6's soon to be in 4's as the swelling continues to go down! I cannot say enough about Dr. Shuster and his staff, so I'll end with ... you will not find a more caring set of people and a Dr as skilled as Dr. Shuster! Feel free to email me with questions ... mep232323@aol.com

-Maria P.

After I had lost a tremendous amount of weight, I had an area around my stomach and backside that I was not able to remove with diet and exercise. After extensive research & after visiting with some of the top plastic surgeons in the country, I kept hearing the same thing over and over again..."For lower body lifts, you MUST go see Dr. Bernard Shuster in Hollywood, Florida". I made an appointment, went to his office, viewed some of the photographs of his patients. His talent & ability jumped right off the page, all performed with a very minimum amount of scarring & beautiful, long term results. I knew right away, that this was the doctor to choose. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results, I walked in a size 12, three months later, I am a 4. All with no change to my sensible dieting & exercise regiment that I have come to acquire. His accommodating staff walked me through the entire process, this combined with Dr. Shuster's outstanding ability to listen and relate to my situation, made things very easy and comfortable for me.

-Slim In F.

After a year of research and over 10 plastic surgery consultations, My doubts, questions were answered the day I scheduled my appt with Dr. Shuster. His staff is the most friendly and caring I have evr encountered. I will recommend Dr. Shuster to all.

-Claudia I.

Having lost 230 lbs I am now at 131 lbs. I started my plastics with Dr Bernard Shuster in Hollywood, Fl. I needed a real top notch plastic surgeon as I had massive skin to remove. I checked out several plastic surgeons and from the look of horror in their eyes when I undressed I knew I needed to look further. I have had an abodominoplasty and six lbs of skin was removed. I than had a belt lipectomy to remove the skin on my back. I had so much skin it was like a cape and now it is flat. I go in for breasts and arms in Jan. So I am well on my way. His staff treats me like family and not only is Dr Shuster a top notch surgeon but he is very kind and caring. Very east to talk to and understands my concerns. I don't think there are very many surgeons who could have accomplished what he has done for me. Cherlyn Wichlacz

-Cherlyn W.

I would recommend Dr. Shuster to any patient who is interested in having plastic surgery with a competent, honest, caring and an overall great plastic surgeon. I just recently had a breast lift along with a tummy tuck and I am very pleased with the results Dr. Shuster achieved. Not only is he great, but his staff is incredible. They made me feel very comfortable and were always very helpful. Dr. Shuster and his staff have changed my life and I will always be grateful.

-Yilian A.

After reviewing many highly qualified Plastic Surgeons, I met Dr. Shuster. His confidence, his knowledge of Bariatric patients with excess skin and his sincere concern for my well being, was the determining factors for choosing Dr. Shuster to reconstruct and sculpt my disfigured and sagging body. Our first procedure together was a lower body lift. I had very little pain and felt so good after surgery that I actually did too much activity. I am still amazed to look at my body! My stomach is flat and tight, My new belly button is so cute, my scar line that goes all the way around my body is amazingly semetrical and is easily hidden under my bikini,( of which I am wearing for the first time in my life) My outer thighs and buttocks were lifted in this surgery as well and although I am 41, I have the body of a 28 year old. When I was 28 I did not have this good of a body! I also had a Breast Augmentation with implants. I am tall and have always had large breasts, but after my 150lb weightloss, the girls were gone! Dr Shuster lifted and revived my breasts and they are beautiful! They look so natural that no one can tell that I have implants. Dr Shuster is not just a surgeon but an artist. He sculpted my body in a way that no other surgeon could have done! He has that special talent that we as bariatric patients are looking for and I feel blessed that I found him. I would also like to add that he has the most professional, kind and careing nurses and staff. They treat you like family as soon as you walk into the door. They truly care about you, your feelings and your new outcome. They are professionally efficient and will go out of their way to make sure that your care is of the upmost quality. Thank you so much Beverly, Parise, and Claudia, I consider you ladies my friends. In closing I would like to add that I was an out of town patient and my husband and two toddler children were waiting for me at the hotel while I had my surgery. Because my surgery was the last one of the day, it was late when we were done, Beverly drove me back to my hotel so that my husband would not have to wake the children to pick me up. What more could any patient ask for? I had the best doctor, the best staff and an optimal result! You guys are the best!

-Angel T.

Best and kindest Plastic Surgeon in the world!!!

-Anita E

My WLS surgeon, Dr. Ronald Moore, recommended Dr. Shuster, and I will be grateful forever. I felt very confident that he would do a wonderful job and take good care of me both physically and emotionally. He and his top-notch staff are the best, and I would recommend them to anyone considering plastic surgery. I had my upper body done on 12/15/05, and have scheduled my lower body lift for next June. I am very pleased with the results of the first surgery, and cannot recommend him highly enough. I plan to have several other procedures done to help me look my best, as soon as the lower body lift is healed. Dr. Moore, my WLS, gave me back my life. Dr. Shuster is making me feel beautiful.

-Corita M.

Doctor and staff very helpful, careing, and knowlegable..All helped me to understand the what and how, they can do for me. The gastric bypass surg. with Dr. Norman Samuel gave me the tool to lose 259 lbs. and to keep it off for 5 years. The plastic surgery with Dr. Bernard Shuster has helped removed the damage that the Obesity had done to my body. Both surgerys , I feel, have giving me control of my body and my life.

-Scott W.

Both Dr. Shuster and his staff were extremely kind and understanding. Dr. Shuster's work was known to me prior to my own personal experience with him. As coordinator of the Bariatric Surgery Program at PGH, I had seen his results first hand,. Most of our patients have their post-weight loss cosmetic procedures with Dr. Shuster. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to speak at our support group meetings, and even did a powerpoint presentation. In the office, he is the ultimate caring professional. During what could be a very embarassing esa, he had a way of putting me at ease. After the initial consultation, I decided to go ahead and have three procedures, mastopexy, breast augmentation, and brachioplasty. The reults were at the very least, very dramatic! It still amazes me what her was able to do for me, considering the condition of the loose skin he had to work with. If I ever decide to undergo any further procedures, I would certainly return to Dr. Shuster. I am very grateful for what he has done for me. He even took the time to send me a nice note in the US mail. His staff is friendly and courteous as well as being organized.

-Florence K.

I recommend Dr. Shuster to any and all people seeking a professional, caring plastic surgeon to complete what you started by having bariatric surgery and loosing alot of weight. He and his staff were supportive, truthful, and showed unlimited patience and knowledge with my many pre-surgery questions. After my discussion with him I felt comfortable and well informed with my decision to have a lower body lift. The day of the surgery his professional and confident attitude relieved the fears/concerns of both myself and my husband. During my recovery, Dr. Schuster was extremely vigilant. On a Friday afternoon after a routine post-op office visit, he called me and said that he didn't want to wait until my next apt to check something that he saw that concerned him and made an apt with me for Sunday morning (Mothers Day) just to check me out. I knew then that my doctor was willing to go that extra step to take care of me and thank God all was well. It has now been approx 2 1/2 months since the surgery and I look and feel great! Just ask my husband.

-Libby S.

Sorry this is so long but I obviously can't say enough about Dr. Shuster & Staff.../* * * * * */ I had Gastric By-Pass Dec 2002 I was 360lbs I lost almost 200lbs. /* * * * * */ JULY 2005: LOWER BODY LIFT/* * * * * */ I finally decided to have plastic surgery for the skin that wasn't going anywhere. I felt so disfigured it was horrifying. I felt like Freddy Krueger. It was really affecting me psychologically. I had better self-esteem when I was 360lbs. I didn't want to date. I would cry that I couldn't keep living like this. I felt so disfigured. People would tell me "Aren't you happy you lost all this weight? You look so beautiful" but underneath the clothes I hid this horror. They would say "It can't be that bad" Then I would show them. They would see that I wasn't just being vain or trying to look like Pamela Anderson. It was a necessity./* * * * * */ I went to Dr. Bernard Shuster in Hollywood. /* * * * * */ 2 of my friends went to him previously & raved about him & his staff. His staff gets back to you right away. They make you feel like you are their only patient. Dr Shuster & staff gave me all of the information-set my expectations & they are always there to answer any of my questions. /* * * * * */ When I first went to the office I just stopped in without an appointment to ask some questions in person. I figured it would take me a month to get a consult with him & I wanted to write down some information. They were so nice. They gave me the information-then asked me if I wanted to see Dr. Shuster. He did the consult right then & there. I didn't expect it at all. Thankfully I shaved my legs, He was so kind & patient with me-he made me feel like this consult was booked for months. He does your consult in such a dignified way. He puts you at ease because you have to stand there naked./* * * * * */ I can't say enough about him & how grateful I am to him for doing such an amazing job without tearing up. He's not just doing cosmetic surgery on you...it's Reconstructive,...not only getting rid of what you feel is disfigured or making you look normal-it actually looks beautiful. I just wanted to look normal but I figured I'd still have to hide myself. I got out of the prison of weight after Gastric By-Pass but went into another kind of prison feeling so disfigured with the hanging skin. I can't explain the gift he has given me in my life./* * * * * *//* * * * * */ It's hard to describe everything he exudes but once you go there & meet him & his staff you too will know there is no one else you will want to go to. He is very warm & kind. My one friend went around to 6 different plastic surgeons for consults-once she met him..that was it for her too. His personality, demeanor & expertise solidifies it for you./* * * * * *//* * * * * */ I was considering going elsewhere just because the other Doctor was at the hospital I am very familiar with. Once I met Dr. Shuster-I knew I had to go with him. He has qualities I admire besides all of his impressive credentials. You can tell he has a lot of pride in his job & integrity./* * * * * */ Being fat all your life going from weight loss program to program you can tell when people are just in it for the money. You can tell he is not like that at all. When you feel this way about yourself a Doctor could line you up to get redone from head to toe but he doesn't do that. He told me what I need done & things I wont need done. He is honest with you. He doesn't want you to look like you've had plastic surgery. His work looks very natural. Not only does he want the best results for you because he wants to help you & make you look good. He knows it's his name on his work. You are his walking advertisement I certainly am a chatty one /* * * * * */ I tell everyone who I get into a conversation with about my Gastric By-Pass Surgery because it is like being let out of a prison. My Doctors were so amazing. Now I can add Dr. Shuster to my story because I figure if someone didn't tell me about him or my other Doctors I would still be so miserable-existing & hiding through my life-instead of living life & being happy. /* * * * * */ I'm very outgoing. I work on the phones for a living. I work in building of 5,000 people. I gab to everyone in my nail shop. I volunteer all over town. I go to a lot of places & talk to a lot of people...I will tell everyone how AMAZING he is. /* * * * * */ * * * * * */ I was so eternally grateful to my Gastric By-Pass Doctors Dr. Perez & Dr. Marema for giving me another chance in life & for letting me out of this prison. I definitely have them on a pedestal-now they better scooch over because I'm sticking Dr. Shuster up there too. I'm eternally indebted to all of them. Do they understand the miracle they perform in people's lives? I'm so grateful to God for bringing them into my life. I will think of them & be thankful everyday for them for the rest of my life./* * * * * */ My friend had 3 surgeries with Dr. Shuster so far: lower body/upper body/ then thighs. She has helped me a lot with the expectations & questions. My other friend had the lower body lift. They both rave about him./* * * * * */ I was impatient I wanted upper done first & all the procedures done as close as possible. Dr. Shuster told me it's better to do Lower first so you can see how your waist settles. Then do upper to make it proportionate. I didn't want to hear that but because I could see how great he was I decided to trust his expertise & I'm so glad I did. He told me whatever I want he would do but his recommendations were that to get the best results. He wanted me to wait at least 8 weeks in between procedures-I trust him ..so I will be a "patient" patient. /* * * * * */ It is only 6 days after my Lower Body Lift & I barely have any pain. After Gastric By-Pass anything is a breeze. Maybe I just handle pain well but it isn't that bad. The recovery isn't fun. I have to lay around so fluid wont build up. I have 4 drains in for 10 days but it's all bearable knowing the future joy I will have. The results look amazing already. I'm doing Upper Body (Boobs & Arms) with him in September. /* * * * * */ But it already looks beautiful. It is still hard for me to grasp that not only one day I won't have to hide my body & not feel disfigured-but that I might actually be able to wear a bathing suit. Dr. Shuster I have to remember is an expert when he says this because I sooo doubt him when he says it. He says in the future I can wear a bikini-I was only shooting for a bathing suit & for people not to run away screaming like a Godzilla movie. I'm still finding that hard to believe because I've spent my whole life having a body I have to hide & be ashamed of. It's mind blowing sometimes to see my picture at 360lbs to see how far I've come. I've been ashamed of my body at least since I was 9. I'm 34./* * * * * */ I can't recommend him enough. He is an amazing Doctor./* * * * * */ He has a great reputation in helping Bariatric patients. He wants the best results for you with minimal scarring. My stomach was so riddled with ripples & stretch marks. It looks amazing. I still have the stretch marks...Hopefully one day technology will offer more to eliminate them but I'm still happy with the results. I am determined to pursue a remedy for my stretch marks./* * * * * *//* * * * * *//* * * * * */Dr. Shuster is so wonderful!!!/* * * * * *//* * * * * */ My Bariatric Surgeons Dr. Marema & Dr. Michael Perez are probably one of the TOP Bariatric Surgeons in Florida if not in the US. They only recommend a certain select list of Plastic Surgeons to deal their patients & Dr. Shuster is one of them...Now I know why!/* * * * * */ Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! /* * * * * *//* * * * * */ Contact me anytime with any questions. Kristina Woeltjen Pnketuscad@aol.com /* * * * * *//* * * * * *//* * * * * *//* * * * * *//* * * * * *//* * * * * */ UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 2005 UPPER BODY /* * * * * */ Still Loving Dr. Shuster..Still Raving about him & his staff. /* * * * * */ /* * * * * */ I just had my Upper Body done (Boobs & Arms as I call it but I'm sure it has the official medical terms which I always forget)/* * * * * */ I had very minimal pain...I was surprised. I was told by other friends who have had their Breasts done (mostly by other doctors) that it is very painful & because of the pain they sometimes regret having it done. But I had to go through it & have them done-everything looked so terrible before. I don't regret it at all. I highly recommend getting the pain pump Dr. Shuster suggests. I had very minimal pain but everyone is different. /* * * * * */ My friend who also went to Dr. Shuster said the pain of her Upper Body procedure was bad for her but bearable. She said all of the surgeries are never as painful as the Gastric Bypass we both went through. So that eased my mind. The Gastric Bypass was painful but worth it-as everyone says -they would do it all again. Even every additional surgery they had to go through. It is so worth it to be out of that misery/health threatening prison./* * * * * */ I stressed & pestered Dr. Shuster about the size to make the breasts- That is a big & permanent decision but he told me he makes them proportionate to your size. I told him I just did not want to look like I had a BooB job & be all BooBs..It's hard enough dealing with the attention after the weight loss. He again was right. I'm glad I went with his expertise & I trust his judgement so much. I'm glad he puts up with me. He's very patient with this impatient patient. /* * * * * */ I still need some future nipping & tweaking. I would like to be done already but you have to wait in between procedures to recover properly & for your safety. You can't keep having surgery after surgery close to each other, so Dr. Shuster tells me to wait. I know it's for my own good but I'm still impatient. It's hard living with stuff you know you need fixed but I'm almost done...I am so much happier & so much has been improved with my 2 surgeries ...So I will keep on keeping on & listen to him./* * * * * */ I want to wear a tank top even if my upper arms are bandaged...not to show the BooBs off but to show the arms. I think I have hidden them since I was 9 or 12 yrs old. It freaked me out to see nice arms & nice Boobs. I have never had cute ones...I always had to hide them both. This is mind blowing & life altering./* * * * * */ I am eternally indebted to Dr. Shuster for helping to eliminate so much misery in my life./* * * * * */ Since the hanging skin is gone..Now I can start my work out regimen so I can finish solidifying my Booti-Licious-Ness process & start living an abundant life instead of existing & hiding myself./* * * * * */ Thank You!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Dr. Shuster & Staff

-Kristina W.

I would highly reccomend Dr. Shuster! He is very knowledgable about bariatric patients, he takes his time with you and explains everything. MY surgery went GREAT! He ans his staff are not only very knowlegable but extremly nice and comforting! If you are looking for a surgeon this is the doctor for you!

-Anna G.

I was most impressed with the personal care and attention I received from Dr. Bernard Shuster and his staff. I had a Facelift, brow lift and upper & lower eye surgery in Nov, 2003. I had a lower body lift in Dec, 2003. I am absolutely ovewhelmed by the results. Who could have imagined that spandex and mirrors would be my best friends. Thank you Dr. Shuster.

-Paula K.

I was refered to Dr. Shuster by my surgeon and had seen terrific results he achieved for a freind of mine. Dr. Shuster was very knowledgable about bariatric surgery and we discussed all of the options available. He and his staff are so noce and thoughtful. It is now almost 5 months since my abdominoplasty and I can't believe how good I look. I hope to have him do my arms and breasts this summer.

-Cindy R.

After researching and visiting many offices of Plastic Surgeons I chose Dr Shuster to do my abdominalplasty. From the time I walked into his office and met him and his office staff, I knew I was in the right place. Dr Shuster explained in detailed length, exactly what would take place during and after my surgery. He took extra time to make sure that all my questions and concerns were answered. His confidence and caring ways made me feel very at ease in his care. The surgery was perfect from beginning to end. I feel great and look great thanks to Dr Shuster. I strongly recommend him! He is wonderful!!!

-Robin N.

Dr. Shuster made me feel extremly comfortable. I have just had an adomaplasty and after 9 days I am doing very well. He has explained that after loosing 150 lbs it will be a long process to get everything back in place. Dr. Shuster is willing to work with Insurance.

-Donna T.