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Tummy Tuck Consultation

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What to Expect

A tummy tuck is an effective procedure for removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal area. When you have a consultation with Dr. Shuster, he will first ask you about your aesthetic goals and what changes you would like to see. You should also be prepared to discuss the following:

Tummy Tuck Assessment

After discussing your goals and medical background, Dr. Shuster will perform an exam of the abdominal area. He will look at the amount of fat deposits, excess skin, and will also evaluate the laxity of your abdominal muscles.

Then, he will review, in a full length mirror, which type of tummy tuck will best suit your body type. He will also point out the incision placement, which will be placed in the most inconspicuous manner possible.

This can also be an opportunity to ask questions and to inquire about other plastic surgery procedures. Often, people are also interested in liposuction or breast surgery in addition to an abdominoplasty. Dr. Shuster will address these procedures and let you know if it is appropriate to perform them in a single surgery.

Following the exam, you will meet with Dr. Shuster's staff to learn about scheduling and the costs involved. To find out more about tummy tucks, please request a consultation.