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Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

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What to Expect at a Consultation

Whether you have undergone bariatric surgery or lost a significant amount of weight through another method, plastic surgery is a natural next step to remove excess skin and improve the body's contour.

A consultation about plastic surgery after weight loss is the time to learn about procedures, ask questions, and personally speak with Dr. Shuster regarding plastic surgery options. There is a wide range of complexity regarding patients who have experienced significant weight loss. While some patients may come with one area of concern, most come with a multiple areas to discuss. You should be prepared to discuss your specific area(s) of concern.

Dr. Shuster will start the consultation by asking about the following:

Following the initial discussion, you will be asked to share areas of concern with Dr. Shuster. Common places to discuss include:

Each of these areas can generate a lengthy conversation, and you are encouraged to ask questions and take your time. Although it is recommended to focus on one or two areas, Dr. Shuster will address as many as you would like.

You will then be examined and given a detailed explanation of recommended plastic surgery procedures. Using a full length mirror, Dr. Shuster will also detail the expected results and the recovery process. Dr. Shuster will spend as much time with you to ensure you are well informed and comfortable with any decision.

After meeting with Dr. Shuster, you will spend time with his staff to learn about the scheduling process and costs involved. The consultation should take approximately an hour.

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Dr. Shuster's dedication to results stems from his credentials, experience, and genuine care for his patients. You will meet with Dr. Shuster personally throughout your plastic surgery journey.

Request a consultation with Dr. Shuster today. If you live outside the South Florida area, an online consultation can be arranged.