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Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss FAQs

What kind of plastic surgery procedures are commonly performed for weight loss patients?

While it depends greatly on the individual, some of the most common procedures performed following significant weight loss include:

Studies have shown that the more successful people are with their weight loss, the more dissatisfied they may be with their appearance. The main concerns are with the appearance of excess skin, all of which can be addressed with the procedures outlined above.

What are the physical benefits of surgery following weight loss?

The most dramatic improvements in quality of life occur as a result of the actual bariatric surgery or other forms of weight loss; however, plastic surgery is becoming an extension of the weight loss process because it completes the body contouring transformation.

What are the emotional effects of post-bariatric surgery?

When Dr. Shuster surveys weight loss patients, 94% of them have improved self-image and 91% report improved self-confidence. Patients may also have a sense of completion in their physical transformation.

Which factors determine a good candidate for surgery following weight loss?

Several conditions are considered when determining candidates for plastic surgery after weight loss including:

How will my lifestyle be affected by surgery following weight loss?

Healthy living and nutrition are basic tenants of a quality lifestyle. Patients should pay special attention to these factors before and after surgery, to promote postoperative healing.

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