What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer (also called “fat grafting”) is two procedures in one: liposuction and cosmetic injections to add volume. Instead of the injections being dermal fillers, however, your own fat is used. The fat can be removed from your stomach, flanks, or thighs using liposuction. It is first purified, and then injected via syringe into the area(s) where you want more volume. Dr. Shuster can achieve beautiful, natural results with his procedure of fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale , restoring better contours to the treated areas.

Why Fat is an Excellent Filler

Fat is excellent for adding volume, with several advantages over dermal fillers. One advantage is that there’s no risk of an allergic reaction. Naturally derived fat can also be incredibly authentic looking and feeling because it comes from your own body. Results with fat transfer have the potential to be long lasting and relatively permanent. The procedure can also be repeated for patients who prefer additional enhancements. Finally, in addition to creating volume as needed in one area, a fat transfer in Hollywood, FL also removes fat in another. In this way, it’s a truly effective two-in-one procedure.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • Adds subtle lift, contouring, definition, and volume to areas of the body where needed
  • Can camouflage indentations and irregularities 
  • Can be performed in more than one area at a time
  • Is a less invasive procedure with smaller incisions than those needed for implants
  • Results are long-lasting if patients maintain a stable weight
  • Fat is removed from another area of the body, slimming the donor region
  • Less downtime is required 

How the Fat Transfer Procedure Works

The fat transfer procedure begins with liposuction. With the patient under general anesthesia, Dr. Shuster will create small incisions where fat is being removed — usually the stomach, thighs, or flanks. These incisions are quite small. Dr. Shuster will place them in the most inconspicuous manner possible. 

A tumescent solution will be administered to numb the area and reduce bruising, and a thin cannula will then be inserted into the incisions to break up the fat and remove it from the body. The cannula is a long, thin tube connected to a high-suction machine. Once the fat is removed from the body, it will be purified and placed inside either a syringe or a cannula so it can be injected as a filler to areas of the face, breasts, or buttocks to add more volume. Dr. Shuster uses meticulous placement and even distribution of the injections, so the majority of fat cells all have a good chance to survive.

It takes a special level of skill, diligence, patience, and dedication to achieve a viable fat transfer, which is why Dr. Shuster is an excellent surgeon for this procedure.

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Results and What to Expect

It’s very important for patients undergoing fat transfer to understand that the final results take time to appear, usually about six months.

In addition to this, some of the injected fat may dissolve. Typically, 60%-70% of the fat survives in its new environment. You may prefer to repeat the procedure to achieve the results you want. The results of fat transfer with your own tissue have the potential to be permanent.

The moment I walked into Dr. Shuster’s office, I felt at ease. Every member of his staff welcomed me and made me feel like family. Dr. Shuster listened to what I was looking to do, asked questions, and made recommendations based on his expertise. Once I left the office, I knew I found the perfect person to do exactly what I needed. They answered every question promptly and always made me feel comfortable. My procedure went very well and the way he and his staff has continued to follow up to make sure my progress is going according to plan has my mouth wide open. I made the best decision with choosing Dr. Bernard Shuster and his staff. He has a gift unlike no other and has the best group of people around him.

Janine B.

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Fat Transfer for the Face

As we age, we lose volume from our face. Fat transfer can provide youthful volume to these areas, rejuvenating our facial appearance. Because of the swelling and possible bruising, facial fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale requires about one week off from work and social events.

Fat Transfer for the Buttocks

For those who are unhappy with the appearance of a flat, “square,” or sagging behind, fat transfer can be used to provide volume where enhancement is needed. This is commonly known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift,” or “BBL”. Dr. Shuster’s approach to fat transfers to the buttocks is to create a natural, beautiful contour. He avoids the over-done, exaggerated look that some think of when they discuss a fat transfer to the buttocks. Additionally, Dr. Shuster uses ultrasound guidance during fat transfer to the buttocks for increased safety and precision. The procedure takes about two hours to complete, and recovery involves some swelling and bruising. Most patients are able to return to work in 7-10 days. During this time, sitting may be difficult. If you want to add volume and contour to your buttocks in a natural way and do not want an exaggerated look, Dr. Shuster is the right choice for you. 

Dr. Shuster performs buttock enhancements in his dedicated operating room in the hospital, and the procedure is often combined with other surgeries if his patient prefers.

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Fat Transfer for the Breasts

Fat transfer can also be a terrific complement to fine-tune the results of breast augmentation. The transferred fat is particularly good for hybrid breast augmentation to fill in areas the breast implants cannot reach. For example, women who have a lot of space between their breasts can have this area narrowed with more cleavage created by adding fat to the breast augmentation. This can be done at the same time or later. 

Fat transfer can enhance the size and shape of the breasts for women without breast implants—though to a much lesser extent than breast implants. Breast implants can also be placed after fat transfer if a patient decides that she wants them later on. 

Breast augmentation with fat transfer typically only requires 1-3 days of downtime, with 1-2 weeks of total recovery. Some patients will need a compression garment for several weeks and swelling and soreness may last up to three weeks. 


Will my butt have a bumpy appearance after fat transfer?

What happens if I gain or lose weight after fat transfer?

How does exercise affect fat transfer?

Will my butt have a bumpy appearance after fat transfer?

This is unusual. It can happen when a surgeon doesn’t administer the injections properly, which is why it’s important to work with a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon who will take the time to ensure your injections are performed evenly and with a conservative approach.

What happens if I gain or lose weight after fat transfer?

Weight gain or loss can change the results of fat transfer. Because of this, it’s important to be close to your goal weight at the time of the procedure. For the best long-term results, you should also maintain a stable weight.

How does exercise affect fat transfer?

Exercise actually helps with the appearance after fat transfer by improving the body’s contour. However, you should wait several weeks to exercise following the procedure.

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Why Choose Dr. Shuster For Your Fat Transfer?

If you’re seeking more volume with fat transfer for your face, breasts, or buttocks, Dr. Bernard Shuster can perform your procedure with an artist’s eye and a subtle approach. He chooses to create a more elegant aesthetic instead of an exaggerated appearance. He is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Hollywood, Florida for over two decades. Dr. Shuster is well-known and beloved by his patients for his consistently exceptional results, honesty, and warm personality. If you’re interested in fat transfer in Fort Lauderdale with Dr. Shuster, we encourage you to research him closely to decide if his methods are right for your goals. If you feel he is the right surgeon for you, we welcome you to contact our office for a consultation. We serve the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami areas and beyond.

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