The Challenge with a Thigh Lift

The thighs are unique and don’t respond to generic lifting techniques that apply to other parts of the body. The skin in this area is often thinner and has less elasticity as well. In addition, many patients spend hours, weeks, and months at the gym yet are unable to attain their personal body contouring goals. Dr. Shuster understands these demands and utilizes his extensive training background and meticulous attention to detail to produce an inner thigh lift in Hollywood, FL that achieves a more youthful, toned appearance.

What is a Thigh Lift?

An inner thigh lift removes excess skin along the inner aspect of the thighs. The result is a tighter silhouette with reduced laxity and cellulite. Dr. Shuster determines the amount of skin to be removed on an individualized basis. In some cases, he may use liposuction to trim excess fat and further refine the upper legs. The surgery typically takes about 3 hours to complete, and patients may need to take around 1-2 weeks off for recovery.


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Dr. Shuster is extremely patient, very kind, and explains everything in great detail, which I loved. I had a million questions and I felt reassured from my initial consultation throughout all subsequent visits. I could not have asked for a better surgeon or better results! Thank you, Dr. Shuster, for making my dreams a reality. You are the best and I am forever grateful!


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Dr. Shuster’s Approach

Dr. Shuster’s vast, in-depth knowledge of the inner thigh lift procedure gives him a natural advantage when it comes to delivering elegant, streamlined results. He developed his innovative technique for rejuvenating the upper legs because he wasn’t satisfied with traditional methods, which often resulted in an inconsistent and unsatisfactory outcome. Older and more conventional approaches often do not fully correct the problem and may lead to legs that look imbalanced.

Dr. Shuster’s technique is a three-dimensional approach that tightens the upper legs while removing skin in multiple directions along the inner aspect and top of the thighs. Throughout each step of the procedure, Dr. Shuster makes every effort to ensure that the results look natural and that scarring is as minimal and inconspicuous as possible. Choosing Dr. Shuster means you'll experience the best thigh lift, Fort Lauderdale has to offer. 

Who is a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Shuster Plastic Surgery serves the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, FL areas. If you’re considering a thigh lift and are seeking personalized, nuanced results, you may be an excellent candidate for the procedure, provided you are a non-smoker of sound mind and body and have a realistic, positive outlook towards your outcome. The best patients for a thigh lift are healthy individuals who have developed excess loose skin along the inner aspect of the thighs. Some of these individuals have lost a significant amount of weight, and others develop it as a result of sun damage or age. Whatever the cause may be, the procedure is specifically designed to treat the areas of loose skin on the inner thighs.

How is a Thigh Lift Done?

The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Prior to surgery, Dr. Shuster will mark out the area of skin to be removed while you are standing up. This also gives you the opportunity to review the surgical plan. 

Dr. Shuster’s approach is to remove skin along the inner aspect of the thigh, and he places an emphasis on tightening more than just the skin. He also tightens deeper layers, as he’s found over the years that these structures are of equal importance in terms of achieving the best results.

There will be scars along the inner part of the thighs; however, Dr. Shuster takes every precaution to minimize their appearance throughout the procedure.

A thigh lift usually takes around three hours to complete and is regularly combined with other body contouring procedures such as liposuction. Thigh lift patients will stay in the hospital overnight to ensure the utmost care and attention.

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Where Will the Thigh Lift be Performed?

Dr. Shuster is on the medical staff at Memorial Regional Hospitals in Hollywood, Florida, and the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. 

With an emphasis on safety, Dr. Shuster performs all of his surgeries in the hospital, which he feels is the most appropriate setting for any complex body contouring procedure. He works with a consistent team of professionals, some of whom have been assisting him for 14 years.

Why Choose Dr. Shuster?

As one of the most trusted and highly respected plastic surgeons in the country, Bernard A. Shuster, MD, PA consistently delivers exceptional, natural-looking results along with an outstanding patient experience. Our boutique practice is located in a convenient location between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and we proudly serve the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami areas — and beyond. Not only is Dr. Shuster one of Newsweek’s Best Plastic Surgeons and a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, but he’s also beloved by his patients for his warm, friendly, approachable personality and unflinching honesty. If you’re interested in a thigh lift, we encourage you to research more about Dr. Shuster. If you feel he is the right surgeon for you, we would love to hear from you.

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