Scarless Breast Augmentation

While fewer than 9% of plastic surgeons offer the transaxillary breast augmentation approach, Dr. Shuster has over 25 years of experience with this method. He believes it is the best option for placing breast implants for many reasons. The goal of breast augmentation is to create beautiful breasts. Dr. Shuster sees no reason to start the procedure by placing a scar directly on or under the breasts. Also, with an incision high in the armpit, there is also less trauma to the breasts. Dr. Shuster’s passion for excellence and commitment to patient safety has made him among the most trusted breast augmentation surgeons in Florida and beyond.

Dr. Shuster’s Reputation for Excellence

An accomplished expert in transaxillary breast augmentation with 25 years’ experience, Dr. Shuster is regularly sought out specifically for this surgery. 

Because of his expertise and experience with the technique, he not only sees patients from Fort Lauderdale and Miami but also from Orlando, Tampa, and throughout Florida and the U.S. Patients also come to him from around the world for this procedure. In addition, Dr. Shuster has personally custom-designed instruments for improved transaxillary breast augmentation. The results are very natural, and patients often say that others cannot even tell they’ve had any work done.

Benefits of Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

  • No scars on the breasts
  • No incisions are made within the muscle
  • Less trauma to the breasts
  • Silicone or saline implants can be used
  • Very precise implant placement
  • Less likely to affect nipple sensation

After research and consultations with plastic surgeons, I am glad to have found Dr. Shuster. He is one of the few surgeons who are skilled enough to perfect breast augmentations without any scars on the breasts by using the transaxillary method. The surgical incision was so nicely made that it looks just like my natural armpit. I now have naturally voluptuous, SCARLESS breasts.

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What to Expect During Your Consultation

Our consultation process for transaxillary breast augmentation is very thorough. Dr. Shuster will spend a lot of time with you, approaching the consultation from your point of view. He will put you at ease as he discusses your concerns, desired results, and questions. He will explain the procedure and its nuances well, get into the specifics of which implants will work best for you, and help you make the right decision. He also offers more options for you to view real results in large format, so you can gain more realistic expectations.

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Recovery After Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

Recovery after transaxillary breast augmentation is a gradual process. Dr. Shuster recommends taking it easy for the first 2-3 days following transaxillary breast augmentation. Even if you feel great, he advises rest. Prescriptions for both pain medications and muscle relaxants are provided and should be filled prior to the day of surgery.

The first night after your procedure, be prepared to sleep on your back with your torso elevated on several pillows. 

You will be directed to wear a specific bra as your body heals. Dr. Shuster advises his patients not to wear underwire, padded, or push-up bras, as these may prevent the implants from settling well.

During recovery, you should:

  • Maintain a low-sodium diet to minimize swelling 
  • Avoid applying deodorant until healed
  • Limit heavy lifting and reaching with your arms (you can use them enough to take care of yourself)

The majority of patients are able to resume their work and non-strenuous activities within five days and may begin driving again at around one week after surgery. For those who have more active jobs, 7-10 days of rest may be more advisable. Starting one week after surgery, you can begin non-impact lower body exercise (a stationary bike, an elliptical without using your arms, etc.). After three weeks, you may resume impact lower body and core exercises. At 12 weeks post-op, you can resume working out with your arms while still avoiding pectoral-specific engagement. During your recovery, we will keep a very close eye on you. We are always available to address any concerns that may arise.

Myths About Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

MYTH: Transaxillary breast augmentation is more painful than traditional breast augmentation.

The transaxillary approach to breast augmentation is no more or less painful than any other method. Discomfort from submuscular breast augmentation is a result of creating the space for the breast implant.

MYTH: Transaxillary breast augmentation leaves the implants too far apart.

Transaxillary breast augmentation allows a plastic surgeon who is experienced with the technique to place the implants in the perfect position. Breast implants should be placed along the very inner aspect of the breasts. Breasts have a natural separation, and a properly performed breast augmentation will take this into account. The distance between a woman’s breasts should be a reflection of her anatomy and how widely or closely spaced her breasts were prior to surgery. When properly performed, the transaxillary approach to breast augmentation is as good as any other method for achieving this goal.

MYTH: With transaxillary breast augmentation, the implants sit too high.

Transaxillary breast augmentation allows breast implants to settle properly and does not commit them to being too high. The pictures in our breast augmentation gallery are all of women with breast implants that have been placed through the armpit, and these photos show how well they can be positioned. It’s common and expected for implants that are placed under the pectoralis muscle to temporarily appear high on the chest wall right after surgery. It is not a result of where the incision is placed. In experienced hands, the transaxillary approach does not lead to implants riding too high.

MYTH: Silicone breast implants cannot be placed through an armpit incision.

The vast majority of breast implants Dr. Shuster places are silicone gel implants. There has been a misconception that silicone gel implants cannot be placed through an incision in the armpit. In reality, Dr. Shuster routinely places silicone gel breast implants through the axillary route all the time. 

MYTH: Transaxillary breast augmentation is more complicated than traditional breast augmentation.

Not in experienced hands. This is why a patient should consider a plastic surgeon experienced specifically in this approach. While many surgeons still place breast implants through an incision under the breast or around the nipple, Dr. Shuster’s expertise is in avoiding the scars and trauma of these techniques.

MYTH: Transaxillary breast augmentation leaves a noticeable scar.

One of the main advantages of the transaxillary approach to breast augmentation is that it leaves no visible scars on the breasts. The scar from a transaxillary breast augmentation is concealed within the armpit and is exceedingly inconspicuous. As with any scar, it takes time to fade, but the scar in the armpit is one of the least detectable of any plastic surgery procedure. The reason for this is that the incision can be as short as 1.5 inches in length. What is even more important is that the incision is placed within the natural skin creases so, when it heals, it blends into the natural appearance of the armpit. All of the images below show women who have had breast implants placed via the armpit and are typical of the results achieved.

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Why Choose Dr. Shuster?Credential. Experience. Results.

Dr. Shuster’s credentials are impeccable. He has among the most vast experience in the country with transaxillary breast augmentation and his results are unsurpassed. We invited you to view the hundreds of images in our gallery to judge for yourself.

Bernard A. Shuster, MD is an award-winning, board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon of the face, breast, and body who has been in practice for 25 years serving the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, FL areas. He also serves those in Tampa and Orlando and across the country for transaxillary breast augmentation, as this procedure is not done by very many doctors. Dr. Shuster consistently strives to deliver exceptional results and an outstanding patient experience from start to finish. If you’re interested in scarless breast augmentation, we encourage you to research Dr. Shuster and visit us for an in-person or virtual consultation.

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