Motherhood ushers many changes into your life. Most of these changes involve adjusting your lifestyle to care for your baby, and these can be extremely rewarding. Watching your young child reach milestones like their first words and steps will provide memories that will last a lifetime, and they make all of the hard work associated with parenting truly worthwhile.

However, the hard work associated with raising a child can take a toll on your body. It’s common to sacrifice sleep, nutrition and exercise during the first few years of parenthood, making it challenging to take care of your body. In addition, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding result in certain changes to your body which make it difficult to restore your pre-pregnancy figure.

A mommy makeover is an effective way to address these changes to restore the body you enjoyed before having children. Your mommy makeover will include several plastic surgery procedures in order to address the different changes you’ve experienced. Dr. Shuster customizes all mommy makeover procedures and may recommend a combination of the following treatments depending on your unique needs:

When Is the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover?

smiling mother holding her child after getting a mommy makeoverWhile you may want to restore your pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible, you will need to give your body time to recover from the rigors of pregnancy before moving forward with your procedure. For this reason, it’s important to wait at least six months after childbirth before a mommy makeover.

Keep in mind that six months is the minimum amount of time you must wait. Other factors will impact the timing of your procedure, including:

  • The length of time it takes your body to fully recover from pregnancy
  • Whether you breastfeed (it’s crucial to finish breastfeeding before getting a mommy makeover)
  • The extent to which motherhood has impacted your daily routine
  • Plans for additional children down the road

Can You Handle Recovering from Surgery with a Young Baby?

While it is technically possible to have a mommy makeover six months after giving birth, many women find that they simply need more time before undergoing major surgery. Caring for a baby can be exhausting. Six months after giving birth, you may still be waking up several times a night with your child, and daily care of your baby is still physically demanding. This should factor into the timing of your procedure.

You will need to get plenty of rest during the first two weeks of recovery after a mommy makeover. This can often be challenging with a young baby that wakes up several times a night. You will also need to avoid heavy lifting for four to six weeks after your procedure. As a result, it will be difficult to pick up your baby, which is often required regularly at such a young age. For these reasons, many women choose to postpone their mommy makeover until their children are a little older and daily care is less physically demanding.

Are You Done Having Children?

You will also need to consider future family plans when determining the right time for your mommy makeover. Future pregnancies will result in the same changes to your body, and this can have a negative impact on your mommy makeover results.

Make sure you discuss any plans to have additional children during your consultation with Dr. Shuster. This will help him recommend the right time for your procedure.

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