As a new mom, you know exactly how full your life is after giving birth to your baby! Most women who want to get a mommy makeover wait until their baby has grown up a bit, so that the mom has more time and energy to put into the mommy makeover process.

It may be a good time for a mommy makeover under the following circumstances:

You’re a good candidate for the procedures. 

The first step is to determine if the procedures are the right match for your goals. A mommy makeover is great for:

Dr. Shuster can help you decide which cosmetic surgeries will accomplish the outcome you have in mind.

Time has passed since childbirth.

Although we completely understand feeling excited and impatient for post-baby rejuvenation, it’s important to let time pass so that your body can stabilize. You’ll need to wait until you are no longer breastfeeding. Also, your body will return somewhat to its former state in the months following pregnancy. Skin will shrink back, the breasts may shrink a bit in size, your belly will begin to flatten. You should wait to fully stabilize before getting a good idea of what permanent post-baby changes you would like to improve.

Time to dedicate to recovery.

As a busy mom, you’ll need to plan for 3-6 weeks of downtime. The exact amount of time depends on the specific procedures you choose to include in your mommy makeover. While you are recovering, your physical activities will be restricted. You’ll need to take it easy for a few days, and you won’t be able to lift your child (or other heavy objects) for a while.

Family plans.

If you were to become pregnant in the years following your mommy makeover, the pregnancy will alter your results to some degree. You may notice a return of sagging, excess fat, and protruding abdominal skin. For this reason, sometimes a woman will choose to delay the mommy makeover until the point in her life when she doesn’t plan to become pregnant again. This decision is completely personal, and the mommy makeover procedures will not affect your ability to become pregnant or carry a pregnancy successfully, but do keep in mind the results may be affected.

Get Started on Your Rejuvenation Journey!

If you are interested in a mommy makeover and you live in Hollywood, FL, or the surrounding areas, please call the practice of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bernard Shuster at 954-961-5500.

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