Patients who lose significant weight frequently develop loose, sagging skin. This can result in an unwanted appearance, interfere with the normal activities of daily living, become a hygiene problem, and produce secondary issues.

Plastic surgery to correct these problems can improve your appearance and reveal the results of the impressive weight loss you worked so hard for. But what does surgery after weight loss achieve, and is it right for you?

Surgery after weight loss contours the body

The types of plastic surgery procedures needed after losing a significant amount of weight can include:

  • An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to remove excess skin and tissue
  • A lower body lift to address soft tissue laxity in the abdomen, back, flanks, and buttocks
  • Breast surgery, such as a lift or augmentation, to eliminate sagging or volume loss
  • Facial rejuvenation, such as a facelift or neck lift, to remove loose skin and reduce the appearance of premature facial aging
  • Arm lifts or thigh lifts to remove excess or sagging skin and cellulite

Determining whether surgery after weight loss is right for you

While surgery after weight loss can recontour your body and give you a more slender silhouette, you need to be close to your goal weight before surgery. Maintaining a steady weight for at least three to six months before having this type of surgery is a significant consideration. An exception to this is if hanging skin, such as an “apron belly,” interferes with exercise.

Similarly, a stable metabolism is critical. We will monitor you before surgery to ensure adequate nutrition and promote post-operative healing while decreasing post-op risks.

Surgery after weight loss may be right for you if you meet the following candidacy requirements:

  • You have skin and soft tissue laxity following significant weight loss or pregnancy or due to aging
  • Your current weight is healthy and stabilized
  • You do not intend to lose more weight
  • You are willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious, balanced diet and regular exercise
  • You do not have any chronic medical conditions
  • You do not smoke

Other considerations for surgery after weight loss

General anesthesia is required for these surgical procedures, sometimes requiring overnight observation in the hospital. In addition to the previously mentioned candidacy requirements, you must be healthy enough to undergo anesthesia.

With proper diet and exercise, results from body-contouring and cosmetic surgery procedures after weight loss can be life-changing. You will:

  • Gain the freedom to wear better-fitting clothing
  • Participate in activities you were previously unable to
  • Increase your self-confidence to reach your fullest potential in life

Dr. Shuster can help determine whether surgery after weight loss is right for you

Surgery after weight loss is a primary specialty of Bernard A. Shuster, MD, PA. He will provide warm, inviting service and expert professionalism throughout your journey with him. Discerning patients from the Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami areas and beyond visit Dr. Shuster because they know he will deliver the best results possible.

Our boutique practice has everything you need to complete your weight loss transformation and achieve stunning results. We encourage you to research more about Dr. Shuster and his techniques. If you feel he is the right surgeon, we welcome you for a consultation.

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