You can achieve your ideal balance and proportion when breast augmentation is performed with precision and discernment. As one of the most consistently sought-after plastic surgery procedures, the best breast augmentations are natural-looking and match a woman’s unique figure. Here are the 5 benefits of breast augmentation according to Dr. Shuster, who has served as a principal investigator in the FDA’s study for silicone gel implants and has a unique insight and unrivaled experience with breast implant enhancement.

1: Corrected breast asymmetry

While all women have some degree of breast asymmetry, these differences in breast size may be so apparent that it affects confidence in their appearance. Using silicone or saline breast implants can increase your breasts' size, shape, and fullness while balancing out uneven breasts. Dr. Shuster can help you choose a different breast implant size, shape, and profile for each breast, producing evenly-matched breasts to correct asymmetry.

2: Restored breast volume following pregnancy or weight loss

Swelling during pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause sagging and volume loss, as can the effects of gravity due to age. Breast augmentation is an excellent way to restore lost fullness and improve their projection if they have fallen slightly. The result is a shapelier, more youthful silhouette.

However, if you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you must delay your procedure for at least six months after completing this process to allow your breasts time to recover. 

3: Improved size and shape of the breasts

Some women have breasts that are naturally small and lack the desired curve to their figure. Similarly, many women want beautiful cleavage, but their low-cut tops reveal more sternum than breasts.

Because breast implants add volume to the top of your breasts, a breast augmentation can give you the new look and shape you desire. Implants effectively add curves to your silhouette by increasing your cup size and strategically creating cleavage, improving your appearance in and out of clothing.

4: Boosted self-image and confidence

For women unhappy with their breasts' natural appearance, breast augmentation can make them feel more comfortable in their bodies with a confidence boost. In one survey of women who had undergone breast augmentation, 9 out of 10 said they had higher self-esteem and reported feeling more confident. And when you love your body, you take better care of yourself and enjoy better overall health.

New breasts also mean a new shape and way to wear clothes. You might find you can now wear new necklines and styles you didn’t enjoy before, such as a deeper V-neck or an elegant scoop neck. Simply put, breast augmentation creates new opportunities to showcase your body.

5: Quick recovery with long-lasting results

All cosmetic procedures require a recovery period. However, breast augmentation recovery is generally straightforward and worth the effort.

Dr. Shuster will provide you with specific care guidelines to ensure optimal recovery. While you may experience some pain and discomfort for 2-3 days following your breast augmentation surgery, we will prescribe pain medications to help with this. You should be able to return to work 4-5 days after surgery, depending on your occupation, and after 1-2 weeks, you can resume the light exercise of the lower body.

After recovery, breast implants are designed to provide long-lasting results, giving you a refined appearance for up to twenty years. However, they are not permanent; many women will never change their implants, and some will.

Discover the benefits of breast augmentation with Dr. Shuster

Bernard A. Shuster, MD, PA, is a board-certified, award-winning aesthetic plastic surgeon in Hollywood, Florida, who has been in practice for 25 years. Dr. Shuster prioritizes achieving exceptionally natural-looking results, catering to discerning women who want a more subtle, elegantly accentuated figure.

When you choose Dr. Shuster as your breast augmentation surgeon, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Dr. Shuster is one of the very few plastic surgeons who perform the advanced transaxillary breast augmentation
  • Dr. Shuster has 20+ years in practice, proficiency in various breast implants, and has served as a principal investigator with the FDA for implants
  • Superior outcomes backed by this extensive experience and expertise
  • Dr. Shuster believes in curating a personalized plan for breast augmentation to the specific patient’s lifestyle, body, medical history, and desired outcome
  • As a photographer and an artist, Dr. Shuster brings a high level of aesthetic vision, skilled artistry, and balanced proportion to his breast procedures
  • Dr. Shuster has an excellent team of professionals with excellent communication and skills, and they work together with an elevated level of trust

We urge you to research Dr. Shuster’s techniques and contact us today to schedule your consultation to discover if he will meet your needs.

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