The most common incision for brow lift surgery runs from ear to ear, either just behind or immediately along the hairline. There are obvious drawbacks to this type of incision, not the least of which are its length, drawn-out recovery period, and heightened risk of post-operative scarring.

With an endoscopic brow lift, two to three small incisions are made behind the hairline. This allows access to underlying tissue, enabling full lifting capabilities but eliminates many of the risks and complications that can follow a traditional coronal incision.

Dr. Shuster is a third-generation, board-certified plastic surgeon who applies his decades of experience to every brow lift he performs. With patient safety and satisfaction as his top priorities, he has evolved his brow lift technique to promote optimal results with minimal risks. He has found the endoscopic approach creates the most natural-looking outcomes with the least invasive technique.

Benefits of Endoscopic Brow Lift

Endoscopic brow lift allows for much smaller incisions. This can help to:

  • Reduce risks of bleeding and infection
  • Eliminate the risk of a long, noticeable scar
  • Decrease risks of poor incision healing
  • Reduce overall recovery time

The endoscopic procedure can smooth the forehead, give a gentle lift to the eyebrows, and reduce the appearance of heavy eye upper eyelids. What’s more, results with this technique are identical to those achieved through more invasive options, making it ideal even in cases of pronounced skin laxity.

Combining Techniques for Optimal Results

In some cases, an endoscopic brow lift alone will create desirable results. In others, a combination of facial procedures may be needed to fully address all concerns.

Depending on your specific goals, Dr. Shuster may recommend an endoscopic brow lift in combination with:

  • Blepharoplasty to address wrinkled and sagging upper eyelids and remove puffy and dark skin from the lower lids
  • Facelift to tighten sagging skin on the midface and eliminate jowls

Non-surgical options, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or a dermal filler, may be used in combination with a brow lift to address wrinkles and skin laxity throughout the face as well. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shuster will provide information about your options to help ensure you select the most suitable treatments for your needs.

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